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About Manakamana7

Manakamna 7 “The Hues of Happiness”.The project name is kept based on 7 precious gem stone. The property is located 5-7 km from champasari more, siliguri. The total area is 150 katha. It can accomodate 218 flats i.e 2BHK, 3BHK & 3.5 BHK. 1 car is allowed for each flat. Pricing, are as follows:

  • 2 BHK - 938 sqft - Rs 3,000,000
  • 3 BHK - 1156 sqft - Rs 3,621,000
  • 3 BHK - 1274 sqft - Rs 4,000,000
  • 3.5 BHK - 1425 sqft - Rs 4,400,000

Price include Electricity, Maintenance for 18 Month and Car Parking (1 NOs Covered Parking for 3 & 3.5 BHK &1 NOs Semi Covered Parking For 2 BHK).

If car parking is not required the respective car parking cost will be deducted from the final cost. GST and document charges need to be paid extra. Manakamna7 has total blocks. Initial 4 blocks will be constructed first. Between each block there will be a beautiful landscape which includes jogging tracks, kids playing area, multi-utility court, and pets feeding area. Separate Seven days membership of clubhouse cost 21,000 while annual subscription cost 12,000 (GST applicable). There are various amenities on the terrace-like Open Amphitheatre which can be used for entertainment, performance, and sports, Sky Plex which movie plex, Meditation Zone which can be used for meditation as the name suggest, Mountain facing Binocular Zone which can be used to view the beautiful mountains, Tea garden facing lounge, Skywalk, Sitting Cabana which will have artificial grass.

There is some highlight point of this project i.e Open Gymnasium where people can exercise to keep them fit, Observatory Desk from where people can observe a long-distance event, Cupboard Space, Extra Garden it will be given for some ground flats, Extra Terrace it will be given for 1st-floor flats.

What’s in Manakamna 7?

  • G + 5 tower featuring premium home, spacious layouts designed by leading architects.

  • A home located at the heart of Siliguri.

  • This is the first project with Skywalk in Siliguri.

  • Sky Plex with provision of sound system and movie screen.

  • Tea Garden & Mountain facing flats.

  • Observatory deck.

  • All flats have extra cupboard space which will give cleaner look to the flats.

  • Flats in ground floor will be provided with personalized garden.

  • Few flats provided with Puja room or store room separately.

Property Details
  • HIRA ID: HIRA/P/DAR/2021/001274
  • Land area: 150 katha
  • No of Flats: 218 Flats
  • Amenities: More Than 60 Unique Amenities
  • Club House : “Seven Sundays”
  • Type of Flats: 2,3 & 3.5 BHK
  • Open Space: 53.65% approx of Open Space
  • Green Space: 20.09% approx of Green Cover
  • Minimum Size: 938 Sq.ft (2 BHK)
  • Maximum Size: 1425 Sq.ft (3.5 BHK)
  • Parking per Flat: 1 No
  • Project Status: Under Construction
  • Tea Garden View: A view from Block-Zircon & Coral
Amenities & Facilities
  • Open Amphitheatre : An open-air venue can be used for entertainment, performances, and sports.
  • Sky Plex : With the provision of sound system and movie screen to entertain and refresh one’s mood.
  • Meditation Zone : In the meditation zone you can perform meditation during the morning or evening time, it helps to improve mental focus and helps relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Mountain facing Binocular Zone : Through this you can have the mesmerizing view of the mountains.
  • Tea Garden facing tea lounge : One can sit on the lounge and sip a cup of tea enjoying the view of beautiful tea garden.
  • Sky walk : Sky walk is an elevated type of pedway between two or more buildings in an urban area for connections or walking. In this project all the seven buildings will be inter connected with each other and the residents can use it as walking zone or as jogging track.
  • Sitting Cabana’s : The Cabana’s will be placed in and around. And Artificial Green grass will be placed on terrace depending upon the design given by the landscape concern. On the periphery of the terrace flower bed to be created so that people does not look outside the terrace directly.
  • Open Gymnasium : The concept of open gymnasium is to make exercise fun. The addition of nature and fresh air helps making exercise a fun and therefore more effective & eco-friendly. Promote Friendships. Improve Health. Attract New Users to Outdoor Environments.
  • Observatory deck : An observation tower is a structure used to view events from a long distance.
  • Cupboard Space : Cupboard space is a shelved cabinet used for and enclosed storage space. The cupboard space inside the flat will provide more space and the look of the flat will be cleaner and bigger.
  • Extra Garden : Few ground floor flats will be provided with extra garden. The concept of providing extra garden on the ground floor is to give more beautiful view to the flats and one can also engage in gardening which is often a good hobby.
  • Extra Terrace : 1st floor flats will be provided with extra terrace. The concept for providing extra terrace is to provide extra space to the flats. One can utilize the terrace space accordingly as per their convenience. The concept of extra terrace was also implemented in our recent project. As in “Manakamna 24” the concept was really appreciated and it was a successful thought.
  • Jogging Track
  • Kid's Mud Zone
  • Kid's Play Area
  • Recreational Area
  • Well equipped Gymnasium
  • Elderly Sitting Space
  • Lift Body
  • Water Body
  • Adda Zone
  • Car Parking
  • Service Area
  • Swimming pool (Adults & Kids).
  • Air-conditioned Community Hall
  • Indoor Games Room
  • Peaceful Yoga space

2 BHK without Garden

2 BHK with Private Garden

3 BHK with Private Garden

3.5 BHK with Private Garden

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Manakamna 7 update image

Manakamna 7 update image

Manakamna 7 update image

Manakamna 7 update image

Manakamna 7 update image


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